What makes western wedding rings, western?

silver western engagement ringThere are many cultures that define a wedding ring. In western, the rings for wedding own their very unique style. A common southwest with full of ornaments and embellishment that symbolizes wealth and royals.

Before we go to some elements of western wedding rings, let’s find out the history behind it.

The wedding ring is dated back from Egypt. It was a symbol of leisure back then. Only the rich members could wear rings and some even use it to seal important documents. This is why the ring holds a very important place. As the primitive era has gone, the essence of a ring as a knot tier still holds significant place in today’s marriage.

In ancient Rome, rings were made from oval plates. They were designed in simple style with iron as the material. It was used for engagement, promise, and also purity ring. The purity rings were given from their parents for the daughters as a sign that she is pure.

The westerns wear ring on the ring finger of the left hand. It is the society that shapes this kind of significance. It is without exception that a married bride and groom should wear the wedding ring on the left hand. It has not been known why the ring is worn on the left hand but most western wears it that way. But it is not a strict rule as to which hand you should wear the ring on. Today, the design and the rules are much more flexible.

Silver or metal

This style has been in trend for decades. The ring is commonly embellished with stones. It is not merely plain white but some have green gem stone or turquoise stone. The rubies are probably typical stones that many have used. It is bold and describes love best. Other stones are popular but some may find it hard to find and expensive too. The colored gems become a trend since it makes a wedding ring not-so wedding ring. Some desire fancy design for the ring decoration.

The motifs

There are an ample of designs and pattern for ring. It can be confusing to choose but what define western wedding rings are probably the engravings. The traditional ornament is loved by almost any couple. It takes longer to design so people prefer to buy it directly instead of consulting with a ring designer. The motif includes patterns, animal element or cowboy feature. Some of the design looks similar like rope. For Christians, they tend to put the cross as ornament. While some other prefers imagery motifs with less decoration.

Displaying what is important

The most important thing is how you want your story to be engraved on the rings. This is necessary because the ring will be displayed on your hand. You may want to have the best design to go with your wedding gown.

Beauty 411

MAC Hushabye Sheertone Blush

macsheertoneblushMy morning makeup routine is pretty monotonous. First, I manically apply my moisturizer; second, I clumsily apply eye shadow and mascara, and third, I finish off the look by slapping on some lip gloss. That literally takes three minutes to complete. Usually, I think I look good. Usually….
Lately, I’ve noticed that my visage is missing a little somethin’ somethin’. Although I am a brown sugar girl, my face lacked colour. I knew something was off when everyone at work was stupefied when I told them I actually wore makeup to work. They thought I was joking! Da-yum!

I asked my sister what I could do to oomph up my makeup regime and she quickly blurted, “You need some blush!” Okay, she’s told me that a million times before, but hearing it for the umpteenth time actually sunk into my head.

First off I must tell you that I’m not a fan of blush. I always think that a) it’s way too difficult to apply, and b) it makes the cheeks look abnormally red. But since I was interested in kicking up my look a notch, I was willing to try wearing blush.

My sister took me aside one night and quickly swept some blush on my cheeks and voila, my face looked radiant. It gave my face the healthiest glow. I took note of the blush that she used – MAC’s Hushabye Sheertone Blush and I went on a hunt to find it.

This little product is my new makeup obsession. I love that it wakes up my face and adds pizzazz to my skin. I was a little nervous applying it for the first time, but believe me, it’s practically foolproof. All you do is apply it to your cheeks and off you go. This short but sweet step has been happily added to my morning makeup routine.

Smashbox O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Colour

smashboxintuitivecheekAfter I spent days singing the praises of MAC’s Hushabye blush, my sister gave me another blush to try. (Psst…who has more than one blush, anyways?)

I was pretty much content with the first blush my sister suggested, but she insisted that I try another one to see which one I liked better.

She handed me the littlest white tube, which contained a clear liquid gel. I squirted some on my finger and rubbed it into the apple of my cheeks. Honestly, I didn’t think that the gel would actually provide me with rosy cheeks, but after a few seconds, my cheeks took on a very natural glow. It wasn’t too red – it added the extra pop of colour that my face needed.

The “intuitive” nature of this product is that reacts to your skin’s chemistry and turns your cheeks to a very natural blush hue. So you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong shade – the blush reacts to your skin!

I liked the subtle appearance of this blush, and I would wear it if I didn’t want to wear lots of makeup. However, I would choose the MAC blush if I wanted to add more drama to my face.

A few weeks ago I swore I’d never buy blush, but testing and wearing these two products for the past month has made me a convert. I guess I have my sister to thank.